Celebrating art for and by the visually impaired
and challenging perceptions of artistic vision.
Dispelling the misconception that visual-ability is essential to artistic excellence.

BlindArt presents a fresh and unique concept on the arts landscape. The revolutionary contemporary art exhibitions Touching Art Touching You & Sense & Sensuality are multi-sensory, interactive art experiences” that break through traditional hierarchies & barriers in the arts by actively encouraging all works to be explored through touch.

By shifting the established rules of art appreciation from sight (look) to the sense of touch (feel) the gallery experience instantly becomes an intimate, fresh and liberating art experience.

Touching Art Touching You

sense and sensuality 2006

sense and sensuality 2005

Touching Art Touching You


BlindArt Collection Donated to
Moorfields Eye Hospital
October 2012
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BlindArt Permanent Collection @ Banbury Museum
February - March 2011
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BlindArt Permanent Collection @ Hove Museum & Art Gallery
June - September 2010
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BlindArt Permanent Collection @ RNC
June 2009
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BlindArt @ ART LONDON Fair
2 - 6 October 2008

BlindArt Permanent Collection @ Royal Cornwall Museum, Truro
26 July – 4 October 2008

BlindArt Forum
Exciting new Feature
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BlindArt Permanent Collection @ MOMA, Wales

March - April 2008

BlindArt Permanent Collection @ Catmose Gallery
January - February 2007

BlindArt Permanent Collection @ Menier Gallery
May 2007

Sense & Sensuality @ Richard Attenborough Centre
December 2006 - January 2007

Sense & Sensuality Debuts in New York

October 2006

Winners of Sense & Sensuality 2006

Joint First Prize
Mauro Perucchetti
Nick Hornby
BlindArt Purchase Prize
Andrew Senior

Sense & Sensuality 2006
Bankside Gallery
14 September – 8 October 2006
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BlindArt in New York
BlindArt @ Art Beyond Sight
October 2005

Education Projects
Sense2Sense Education Project
4Senses Education Project

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to help us TOUCH ART.
Please email info@blindart.net for details.

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